The company past and present

The go-to company for wafers – for more than 200 years

For over two centuries, the manufacture of wafers has been in the safe hands of family firm HOCH – now in its seventh generation.

Sebastian Hoch was recorded in the official register as a distinguished baker of communion wafers back in 1769. At that time, the wafers were baked in specially produced moulds over wood fires. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sebastian Hoch founded his own business in Miltenberg in 1793.

In 1973, a new 5,000 m² production facility was built in the neighbouring municipality of Bürgstadt, where a wide range of different wafers are produced to this day.

In the early days of the company’s history, the core business was communion wafers but, over time, the production of baking wafers gained in importance. In 2002 the brand Hoch Fun Food was introduced, to bring a range of edible paper products to the market. These have proved incredibly popular, especially with our younger customers.

One thing is clear:

working from the sound foundations of Sebastian Hoch’s knowledge and skills, our special baking and manufacturing techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, continually developing in the process – all this to ensure that you can enjoy ever better wafers and ever more distinctive creations!

Would Sebastian Hoch have believed that wafers could be transformed into edible Easter bunnies, or that they could be used to form intricate shapes to add wonderful decorative touches to all kinds of cakes and biscuits?

Investment in the future

Tradition is all-important, but we are always open to progress!

Up to ten million wafers per day are produced in modern, computer-controlled production plants.

We are continually developing new ideas, then designing and producing new machines, each one unique, with which to make our products, also completely unique to us!